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Plastic makes people's lives easier in many areas. The best example of this is that a person may not afford a glass product, but can afford to buy plastic. Although plastic can be cheap, it is harmful to human health and nature. Therefore, Ensar Plastik aims to offer its customers environmentally friendly plastics that do not pollute nature. Plastics are produced in many areas around the world. Even now, we can say that at least 50% of what you see consists of plastic and materials. We see more plastic materials than the main materials of the world, water, earth, wood and fire. Plastics are everywhere fin our lives. The plastic cups you drink at work, the garbage bins in your homes, the outer packaging of the products you buy from the market are made of plastic. Have you ever thought about the health hazards and benefits of plastics? If you think that they are harmful, we have good news for you. Ensar Plastik produces healthy and high-quality products such as greengrocer roll bags, bread bags, case bags, barber aprons, delicatessen bags, carpet bags, carrier bags and polio films. It produces products intended to carry nutrition, which is one of our basic needs. Why Ensar Plastik? · We do not delay problems; we try to produce solutions. Since we know how difficult to manufacture plastic, we make it easy for you. We encounter many problems in the industry. However, we do not ignore these problems and proceed. We are looking for answers to the questions such as how can we find solutions to these problems? Or how can we solve it? · We work in a planned and disciplined manner. It will always be easier for you to reach your goal if you want to move forward with your planned goal. Based on this belief, we are on this path to provide you with the best service. We take part in various projects to offer you the best quality with all our employees. · We do our job lovingly and willingly. The most significant factor leading to success is loving. If you do not like your profession, you can never be proud of your work. That is the most important part of our success. Love your job to move further.