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Ensar Plastic LLC started production in the plastic sector in 1994 as a small workshop in Istanbul Bahçelievler. Today, it is among the leading companies with its daily production of 10.000 kg in a closed area of 3.000 m2. Ensar Plastik, which has become a competent person with years of experience, continues on its way confidently. It has received the appreciation of dozens of customers by executing the job with passion and merit. The priority of a customer is always to work with a trustworthy company. Ensar Plastik continues its business with firm steps by leaning on the trust of its customers. Producing the best and quality product can be achieved by mastering on the job. Ensar Plastic has started to create a tremendous impression throughout Turkey. The company continues to work with the same care and patience in every production. Word plastic possesses some threats. Plastic can remain in nature for millions of years and causes environmental pollution. While plastic makes people's lives easier, it also harmful to nature. Therefore, Ensar Plastik is cautious about its business to protect nature and the environment and encounter any negativity. It produces high quality and biodegradable products. Ensar Plastik, which has an ambitious position in the sector, continues to work in the plastic sector with various options. Thus, it has become a company that produces fast and ambitious products in a short time by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Ensar Plastik shapes its products according to your requests since it aims to make its customers always happy. Ensar Plastik increases the product quality day by day with long years of experience in the packaging industry. The products are Grocer Roll Bag, Bread Bag, Delicatessen Bag, Barber's Apron, Safe Bag and Carpet Bag. The company has retained a good position within the sector with trust, quality and cost advantage.

Ensar Plastik has been attending international fairs on plastics and technologies. It attracts a lot of attention with its new products and innovative attitude. Ensar Plastik, which adopts a quality craftsman understanding, aims to offer you the best service. Continuously ask the question to move forward.

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Our vision aims to contribute to the economy of our country. Our purpose is to achieve prosperity through production by revealing employment in the country and prioritize growth with various business partners. Our goals are improving ourselves more in this field by constantly renewing our products • encouraging profitability against waste by not producing our products unnecessarily, and reflecting its knowledge and experience to the sector. Ensar Plastik meets the needs of many companies thanks to its wide range of business. High-quality products are offered to all our clients by staying loyal to all these aspects. Ensar Plastik does not compromise on quality and taking firm steps towards becoming a respected and reliable company. Ensar Plastik values discipline, quality understanding, reliability and technology and aims to improve these factors.


Ensar Plastik prioritizes human and natural health in plastic production. It increases the quality level to the highest levels by producing with high technology. Ensar Plastik proves to the sector that it develops qualified products by manufacturing superior products compared to other companies. The company aims to grow by following an innovative and competitive policy. One of its main goals is opening up to new markets. It prioritizes contributing to its own country and sector in national production. Ensar Plastik aims to maintain its sense of responsibility towards society by adhering to ethical values. It designs high-value products to meet the expectations of its customers at the highest. The company produces products in line with your requests by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.